Friday, 4 February 2022

What I'm up to

Hello everyone!

No new model this week I'm afraid. Just a few updates of life in general.

I have had a bad cold for days, just nasal congestion and no fever but enough for me to want to stay in bed all day long. Of course, this can't happen with little Bruno crawling around the house and getting in trouble. I have found a useful tip though, whenever I feel exhausted and stuffy nose, I do 10-20 squats. Yep. You have read correctly. My nose instantly unblocks and my body activates, and I can continue with my housework. Give it a try!

As for Bruno, he now loves the Russian doll that my grandmother brought me when I was little. It's in that phase of fitting things inside others, so it's the perfect toy. He's also been reaching the piano keys for a while now if he's standing up, and he loves copying his dad.

I have some recommendations for this week. Last Wednesday we went to the cinema with some friends and saw Kenneth Branagh's Belfast. Although we are all very different ages (30 to 70+ years old), we all loved the movie. That doesn't happen often to be honest, so I highly recommend it.

My readings this month are also being a hit. I always have two books started, one educational and one for entertainment. The first one is The Artist's Way For Parents by Julia Cameron. I am devouring it. I think I'm going to give it to all of our friends who have children. The other one is Paula, by Isabel Allende. 

My paper houses have found a semi-permanent place on top of the aforementioned piano, which my great-grandfather built by the way. My paternal family had a piano factory in Barcelona, called Chassaigne Frères. Unfortunately, it burned down decades ago, but we still have a few pianos in the family.

Have a happy weekend!

Paper Houses by Elena Trius

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