Nordic Village

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The Nordic Village collection is inspired by the small towns in the Norwegian fjords, which I visited in 2005. I started working on it (my first ever collection of paper models) in October 2019, after a group of my uni students (thanks guys!) showed me a tool to convert 3D models into paper cutouts.

  • Total number of building models in the collection: 12 (each house comes in 2 colors, and also the shops).
  • Scale of the models: 1:100
  • Available sets: Size L (complete collection) and size S (reduced version with two models of houses, a shop and the church).

Nordic Village Papercrafts Size S
Size S
Nordic Village Papercrafts Size L
Size L

WHERE TO BUY THE MODELS: You can purchase the Nordic Village collection PDFs from my Etsy shop and then download them at your convenience. Your download links will not expire! 

PREVIOUS STEPS AND MATERIALS: For optimal results, I recommend printing your models in thick paper of 160g and above (home printers usually accept this type of paper). As for the tools, you will need a craft cutter, a ruler and glue. Scissors can make things easier for you but are not mandatory.

STEP BY STEP TUTORIALS: Select the corresponding model from the list below according to the name that appears on the PDF.

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